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Professionalism, reliability, quality, transparency and availability are the basic requirements of the services offered to national customers (buyers / sellers):

1. Property Finder: property search tailored to your needs
2. Evaluation of the property carried out by a real estate agent
3. Video and photo service with technology for «360 ° panoramas»
4. Insertion of your property on the website
5. Insertion of your property on Italian real estate portals
6. Insertion of your property on international portals
7. Insertion of your property on the Facebook group: "Ditelo a Ciolfi Casa" with over 1000 members in assets
8. Insertion of your property on our dedicated social platforms
9. Preparation of preliminary sale and lease contracts
10. Updated mortgage and land registration
11. Assistance for cadastral and mortgage technical practices
12. Assistance for donations or inheritance successions
13. Assistance for A.P.E. (Certificate of energy performance)
14. Assistance for mortgage application
15. Assistance for signing notarial deeds
16. Assistance for possible restructuring needs

In addition for international customers (buyers / sellers):

1. Advertising abroad through our channels
2. Visit on site with the help of a translator
3. Translation of the preliminary contract of sale
     with the help of a translator.