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Cassino - Stazione ferroviaria
: 43
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Sell villa in Cassino, central area via the Baths and second entrance on the street San Marco immersed in the greenery with exposure to the south, consisting of two levels with garage, storage, pantry, shed and other rooms on the ground floor, while at the upper one there is the entrance, double salon, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, balcony and large garden.
This single house for Sale in Cassino is located in the area between Bonomi, Virgilio, Garigliano, Dante. The building has incorporated the stairwell, with marble finishes and iron railings, which allows access to the various premises and from this you can access the attic through a passage on the ceiling. The finishes are in line with the era of the built, while on the upper level it has a more recent coating such as the arch in the large wood-paneled room. The large spaces of the garden, enriched by trees of various types, have a high quality of life. The real estate unit, given the location near the railway station and close to the Historiale and the Varroniane Baths, the urban center preserving the advantages of the single property. Watch the 360 video of our visit to CIOLFIcasa at code 43, for more information you can call for an appointment.

280 square meters
€ 250.000
Property details
---> Codice <--- 43
---> Motivazione <--- Sale
---> Tipologia <---
Region Lazio
---> Provincia <--- Frosinone
---> Comune <--- Cassino
---> frazione <--- Stazione ferroviaria
---> Prezzo_Richiesto <--- € 250.000
---> Totale_mq <--- 280 square meters
---> camere <--- 4
---> bagni <--- 3
---> Locali <--- 9